Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cut Me Mick

Well, I haven't gotten much knitting or crocheting done this weekend. Our little kitten Darby (3 months old) somehow knocked herself in the eye with something Thursday afternoon. Her eye was swollen shut and huge. After an emergency run to the vet and a sigh of relief that there was nothing too major, then it came down to just caring for her. She was in one of those cone collars. Which are funny on a nice big dog, but just sad on a little tiny kitten, who is underweight to begin with. She could not walk, eat or drink with the thing on, because she could not hold her head up, she just dragged it around. So there was mama, staying up with her all night Thursday and Friday taking off her collar everytime she moved so that she could get something to eat, or drink or go potty. It was worse than having a newborn. I slept a lot on Saturday. She's getting around a lot better now, able to take care of her own needs. She goes back to the vet on Tursday for both her well check (that was supposed to occur on Friday) and a check on her eye. Here's hoping I get back to my 2 blankets I'm working on...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

About the Name

This is my blog for my knitting, crocheting, and anything else that might happen to come up. I hope to keep track of my family events, my knitting and crocheting projects with pictures and stories. Here's where I came up with the name. My daughter Gillian was born 91/2 years ago. She only lived 8 days. She had to be delivered at 27 weeks gestation in order to save my life due to a pregnancy complication called Hellp syndrome. She weighed 1lb 7.14 oz. After she was born she spent her short life in the NICU. A charity group called Touching Little Lives provided her with a quilt for her isolette, a blanket to be wrapped in, and sadly a burial layette. As I was grieving I promised myself I would learn how to sew, crochet and/or knit so that I could provide support to some other mother that was in a similar situation. I was going to start a foundation, a charity, etc...however, there was no need to reinvent the wheel. Touching Little Lives is a wonderful charity and I became a very active member. During that grieving process and my future pregnancy with my youngest son (I was on bedrest for 15 weeks) I taught myself how to sew and then crochet. I never really took to sewing. I got the idea somewhere along the way that I was going to make 11,000 blankets and/or burial layettes (that is approximately 1 blanket for each minute that Gillian was alive) and donate them to TLL or to the hospital that cared for Gillian. You may not realize this, but 11,000 blankets is a lot. Yes, I counted exactly how many minutes she was alive. I counted how many minutes I was with her. I counted how many minutes I was away from her. When your daughter is delivered to save your life there is a lot of guilt... Anyway, 11,000 seemed too daunting and somehow over the years I settled on 3,000, which I think I figured out is the number of minutes that I actually spent touching her. Because she was in a isolette, and because of the tubes, there was a limit on the amount that we could spend holding and touching her. (most often I put my hand on top of her head like in the picture) I doubt I will ever complete all of them. Who knows maybe someday someone else will read this and make a donation to TLL or to the NICU in Gillian's memory, but I'm working on it and that I think is the important part because somewhere there are 114 families (at this point) who have had babies in the NICU that hopefully got some comfort from something that I made.