Thursday, September 4, 2008

Greener on the other side

I remember just a few weeks ago when I was day dreaming about the days when things would get back to normal, when the kids would be back in school and I could get things accomplished. The house would be clean again. There would be time for crochet and knitting again. I enjoyed spending time with the boys, but I felt like I never got anything done. There were camps to attend, days at the zoo, and museums, and the pool, errands that take twice as long with the kids in tow, etc...
Now that school is back in session I'm longing for those care free days. So far today I have been to the vet, grocery store, pet store, and still have to pick up the kids from school, go to the orthodontist, soccer practice, then back to the school for curriculum night. Plus find time to eat/feed the children. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.
For those that have asked Darby was doing better, but now that the big collar is off and she has started scratching at her eye again the swelling has increased. I'm waiting on a call back from the vet to see if that is another place I need to add in to my travels for later today.
I have started a new project. I joined my first Crochet-A-Long. The Lion Brand Sampler Afghan Crochet-A-Long. I'm starting late to the party, but am hoping I can catch up. The orthodontist office looks like a good place to get some crocheting done don't ya think? I'm hoping to work on my "afghan for the leather chair" as seen above.


Anonymous said...

Good luck finding the time. Don't forget to spend some quality time with your husband too!

I hope Darby gets better soon. B

Lindsay Black said...

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