Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ike hits Ohio

I'm not even sure where to begin. Last week the whole family caught a cold. All 4 of us. It was one big coughing sneezing fit all weekend, with a lot of whining. I was planning on doing a whole post on how I was glad that the kids who were out of school Thursday and Friday due to illness were finally better and able to go back and how I was finally feeling better and would be able to crochet right side up again. (I had started crocheting laying flat on my back so that I could keep my nose from running) However, Hurricane Ike slammed into Ohio on Sunday evening. No Rain. But 75 mph sustained winds. I know the national news is not covering this at all but there are hundreds of thousands of people who still do not have power in the central Ohio area 3 days later. Trees are down all over, many houses were damaged. Our school district is back in school today with a 2 hour late start (they have to get new food delivered for lunches). But most kids in the surrounding areas are still out. Our family was very lucky our power was only out for 14 hours. The newspaper said today that many will not get power before Saturday if they do not have it now. Our family was not lucky in that our refrigerator never started working right after the power went out. It is sort of keeping things cold and partially frozen, but not really. Just enough so that it took us 2 days to figure out what was going on. So when little guy leaves for school I'm off to shop for a new fridge/freezer. That's yarn money I can't spend...and no knitting/crocheting until that gets done. By the way, how do people knit in the dark. I tried it the other night. NOT PRETTY..

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