Monday, September 22, 2008

So Square

I realized this weekend that everything I was working on was square or rectangular and all blankets and all crochet. So I went through a major episode of startitis this weekend. My works in progress on Ravelry tripled. I started on a Market Bag seen above. I love this pattern. It is by Lion Brand so it's free. It is simple and great for the mindless TV crocheting (needed as the new TV lineup is starting in earnest this week). And who could not use another bag. I'm planning on giving everyone in the family one with their Christmas presents this year. (Okay, if you are in my family act surprised when you get one.) I also cast on a amigarumi dolphin and a dolphin washcloth for my niece who is a freshman at college and very into dolphins. This is the first little animal thingy I've made. We'll see how it goes. So far so good. AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... I cast on my first sweater. If I finish it, it will be a present for my sister. She will appreciate the work that went into it, I think. It's a very simple plain pullover. I haven't technically cast on yet I'm doing my swatch for it though, so that counts right? (funny, I swatch for knitting and don't swatch for crochet. What does that mean? Probably, I'm just so new at knitting that I question everything I do, where as crochet, what's the worst that happens, I rip it...) Does anyone else examine what they have been working on and go through a startitis phase to do something different? I find this happens about every 3 months with me.

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