Monday, October 6, 2008

First Day of School

I taught myself how to crochet 9 years ago while I was on bedrest with my 3rd pregnancy (littlest guy). Then 1 and 1/2 years ago my mother was very sick and I was planning a trip to Virginia to help out. I was planning to stay for several weeks and wanted something new to concentrate on (so I wasn't concentrating on my mothers illness) so I took a knitting lesson from a friend. I learned a cast on, to knit, purl, and a bind off. Then I left for Virginia with 2 sets of circular needles ( I have rheumatoid arthritis and strights are murder on my hands) and a bag full of yarn. Unfortunately, my mom passed away 2 days later. But, I kept up with the knitting (now, it reminds me of my mom, even though she never knit). So far I've made a hat, many dishcloths, and several scarves. I was ready for something new. I signed up for a beginning sock class at my LYS (local knitting store), Temptations. The night before I felt like it was the first day of school. WHat was I going to wear? Who was I going to sit by? Were they going to like me? Was I going to be a total idiot? (especially, since I had never formally learned to knit, who said I was doing it right to begin with?) It was a really lovely class, although I have nothing to compare it to. The class was small, 6 people. Which I felt was a good number, it was not overwhelming for the teacher to be able to go around to help all of us. And no one was an idiot. I think everyone learned a lot. The teacher was fantastic. And now I can do Magic Loop. Supposedly, you can use this for hats and sleeves and things, but I'll stick to socks for now. We go back in 2 weeks to turn the heel and kitchener. Besides my class I've finished a few projects this week and cast on a couple hats. You can check out my ravelry projects for my works in progress but here are my finished objects. On the top is one of the market bags. The bottom one is the "afghan for the leather chair" that is finally done. It took forever. But I think it looks nice on its leather chair. One of the really fun things I did this week was go out to brunch with a very long time friend who I do not get to see enough of. It's great when 2 hours is just not enough time to chat and catch up. Remember, don't take your friends for granted they won't always be around. Go give someone you haven't talked to in a while a call and have a good chat.

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