Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm surprised I'm still alive

I have not written in a month because I was trying to finish my first pair of socks which are not finished, but I will get to that later. I was kicked around this month by a horrible throat infection. I was out for a week and a half. I did not want to knit, crochet or read, the family was worried. I am just now really getting back into things and my throat is not completely normal, but I don't feel bad any longer. I have lived these 37 years reading directions, I have two kids that are mostly healthy, I cook, I operate machinery, knitting is just two stitches, right? I've already made one sock, I should be able to do this again, right. IT'S JUST FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS....I was working on the gusset of the second sock of my first pair of socks. I was very proud of myself. NOW... the sock had not looked totally right for a while, but the directions said knit down to the original number of stitches.... somehow I had in my head that the original number of stitches were...32... they were actually 64. It makes me wonder how I am still alive after all these years when I can't remember one number correctly. Of course I did not realize this until the decreases met in the middle of the bottom of the foot, then I knew "this is not right" SOOOOOOO I was angry and rather than just rip a little I (which I still don't completely understand how I would pick up all those live stitches, but that's beside the point. I WAS MAD!!) I ripped the whole darn sock!!! I've calmed down now. Cast on again last night. So in a week or so I will show you a pair, my first pair, of socks completed correctly. That is if the sun ever shines again in Central Ohio so I can take a picture. It has a habit of hiding from October to March.